In today’s health care system, ‘transitional care’ all too frequently means that people with serious illnesses ‘transition’ from the emergency room to the hospital bed to the discharge desk then back to the emergency room, where the cycle begins all over again. That’s because the system itself focuses almost exclusively on treating and managing illness. In other words, on maintenance.


Our years of experience providing transitional care to literally tens of thousands of people and their families have shown that individuals do better than expected when they, their family support groups, and their healthcare team target healing and recovery rather than maintenance.

Our Philosophy

This philosophy has enabled New England Home Care to become one of the largest, most respected, most patient-effective home care organizations in the area. Our entire and only focus is full recovery for every one of our individuals.

No transitional care program better exemplifies this philosophy than NEHC Healthy@Home℠, a program we helped pioneer for people discharged after major surgery. It’s an intensive, personalized 14-day in-home program to reduce the risk of a return trip to the hospital. To date, we’ve helped thousands of people attain full recovery in the privacy of their own homes, without having to be re-admitted to the hospital. It’s a program we’re incorporating into many of our offerings.

Which is why if you or someone you love is suffering from a serious medical or behavioral condition, call New England Home Care. Let us help you transition from hospital to home to health.