My therapist Scott was wonderful.  He encouraged, gave me the information and generally was the best help I could wish for.  Congratulations on your wonderful staff.  If my husband or  I ever need home services again we will definitely ask for your company. – patient

I thank the entire agency for what they did. I don’t feel the depression and could be more tolerated. Although I don’t see my nurses weekly, I miss them BIG TIME! I currently see a shrink, but she’ll never compare to your style, you make me feel so good! The provider know just what I wanted – very observant! – patient M.A.

All who have treated me to date have been a credit to their profession, R.N.’s R. and A. were exceptional. They made me feel special! – patient J.F.

The nurses and aides I have are very help to me and very good in understanding my needs. Also very helpful, they learned sign language as I am hard of hearing and partially deaf. Wonderful Job by all, you agency is very good. -patient C.Y.

A. J, R.N. L.I.C.S.W and M.B., R.N. have kept me stable enough with excellent communication from and with my medicating doctor, to keep me from being hospitalized, please praise them highly for their dedication, commitment, and knowledge about medications and personal care, expertise, overall. – patient N.B.

Please thank everyone who participated in my care. They were pleasant, professional, knowledgeable and were like part of the family. I enjoyed have them in my home. – patient D.L.

I received excellent care from my nurses, HHA, and PT. Even during snow storms they were here for my care. They were pleasant, caring and after a while I felt like they were my own family. Everyone! – patient D.L.

I could not be more satisfied with your agency (New England Home Care). Thank you for the terrific help I am getting. Thank you for your compassion, and kindness. -patient R.P.

Everyone from this agency (New England Home Care) is caring and reliable. Even with the bad winter they made it to the house. – patient C.C.

I think the service and care provided by New England Home Care is excellent. It is one of the best. I would recommend it to anybody in need of health care. – patient D.M.