Cardiac@Home. Because the first 14-days after discharge can make all the difference to a healthy recovery.

Using the Healthy@Home approach to post-discharge in-home care, Cardiac@Home has been specifically developed for heart failure individuals, people who are at the greatest risk for multiple hospital readmissions. By focusing all our resources on the critical 14-day period after discharge, Cardiac@Home has helped hundreds of heart failure individuals regain their health in the privacy of their own homes–while reducing avoidable hospital readmissions by 50%.

What does the Cardiac@Home approach include?

  • A multi-disciplinary team focused on life-improvement behavior
  • Frequent in-depth assessments to enhance care management
  • Frequent personal in-home monitoring and risk-assessment, whether in person with our Zoe monitors or remotely with Tele-Health monitors
  • On-going communication including daily telephone triage and personalized alerts for doctors’ appointments as well as referrals to other community based support

Cardiac@Home from NEHC is the proven, time-and-patient tested approach to help you recover from heart failure–right in the privacy and comfort of your own home.